General Info

Lynne and Steve are both southern California transplants. Lynne moved to Davis when she started UC Davis in 1994 (where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Management and a minor in music). Steve moved to the area the same year when he got tired of the LA area and AT&T (then PacBell) finally agreed to transfer him. Steve still works for AT&T as a construction splicer. Lynne is utilizing the “management” part of her degree to run the accounting department for Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort, a local energy efficiency contractor. The two live in West Sacramento with the three cats that Lynne brought with her (one of whom has now officially become Steve’s). They enjoy doing most anything together: walking to Raley Field for a ballgame or downtown for dinner. Lynne even got Steve to attend Scottish Country Dance classes, and Steve turned Lynne into an avid hockey fan…as long as the San Jose Sharks are on the ice.

The Beginning

The couple met via about two years ago. Lynne was about ready to give up on the process when Steve contacted her. She was a bit unsure about his long hair and tattoos, but decided after talking with him for a couple weeks on the phone and via emails that a cup of coffee couldn’t hurt anything. After spending a couple hours together at Java City, the two agreed to advance to dinner. The relationship progressed from there.




The Proposal



Steve proposed on a very hot July 17th, 2009. He had planned an elaborate trip to San Francisco, complete with romantic dinner and a fancy hotel (he told Lynne he had obtained Giants tickets from a coworker). The Friday before the trip, however, Lynne received a phone call from her father in Arizona telling her that her grandfather was on his deathbed. Steve decided to abandon his plans and propose immediately so that he could accompany Lynne on her sad journey and meet the other half of her parents. After making plane reservations for the next afternoon, he suggested that they go for dinner. They selected a restaurant and set off. Lynne became suspicious, though, when Steve started driving in the wrong direction. He told her that he needed to make a “pit-stop.” He parked at the Capitol and they started walking towards the Capitol Rose Garden. They ducked into an aisle of roses; Steve dropped to one knee, and proposed. He used a coupon card the Lynne had given him for Christmas. It read “This coupon is good for anything”, and he wrote on the back “Will you marry me?” Lynne accepted, and the next afternoon they flew to Arizona as an officially betrothed couple. Oh, and that romantic trip? They still took it, but Steve had to scramble and buy the Giants tickets he swore was the reason they were going.

Why Hitchhiker’s Guide?

The fall and winter of 2008 were very stressful for Lynne. Like many people, she was put on furlough (a 20% cut to her income). She was struggling to make ends meet, was overburdened at work, and was feeling guilty because she had met this amazing guy and was feeling like she wasn’t paying her fair share for all the activities they were attending. She couldn’t even afford Christmas presents. She developed insomnia, and in an effort to try and form a bedtime routine involving a calming activity, the couple started reading to each other. The first book they read was Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. When they were pondering wedding dates, they knew they wanted a date that had a binary feel to it. When Steve figured out that 00101010 (10/10/10) was 42, they instantly knew that this was going to be their wedding day.